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Several important checks of straightener operation
Classification:Company newsDate:2021-02-24

1. Before using the straightener, check whether all fasteners of the machine are tightened and whether the belt is tight.

2. Check if the appliance is complete.

3. The running direction of the straightener spindle must conform to the direction of the arrow shown on the protective cover, otherwise the machine will be damaged and personal injury may be caused.

4. Check whether there are metal and other hard sundries in the grinding chamber of the straightener, otherwise the cutter will be damaged and the machine operation will be affected.

5. The purity of the material must be checked before crushing, and no hard metal impurities are allowed to mix in, so as to avoid damaging the cutting tool or causing combustion and other accidents.

6. The oil cup on the straightener should be filled with lubricating oil frequently to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

7. Stop feeding before the straightener is shut down. If it is not used any more, the leftovers in the straightener shall be removed.

8. Check the cutter and screen regularly to see if they are damaged. If they are damaged, replace them immediately.

9. When using the straightener, you will experience slight vibration. Be sure to tighten the connecting handle of the cover to avoid accidents.